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Digital Dentistry in Brampton Digital Dentistry in Brampton Digital Dentistry in Brampton Digital Dentistry in Brampton Digital Dentistry in Brampton
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Digital Dentistry in Brampton

Digital Dentistry in Brampton

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Diamond Dental Studio is a state-of-the-art laboratory, driven by a progressive ideal. Understanding that our industry is constantly evolving, we continue to maintain the most advanced systems and technologies. It is our passion to meet our clients’ needs, and that differentiates us from our competitors, because the focus is on the clients’ needs, not a general lab standard.

The Diamond Dental team is led by Milan Jovanovic RDT.

Milan was introduced to working in a dental lab during high school and has embraced the profession ever since. He studied Dental Technology at George Brown College. Constantly building upon a solid foundation, Milan now practises with a fully rounded knowledge of all aspects of the field.

This includes spending many hours participating with doctors on the clinical side. This practical, inside information further enhances Diamond’s ability to deliver top quality products that the doctors themselves can implement more efficiently. Ultimately this translates as a better all-round experience for the patient.

Digital Dentistry in Brampton

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Diamond Dental Studio is a leader in the utilization of the latest Cad/Cam scanning and milling systems. This technology has evolved to enable a new level of quality in many areas of our field. We also recognize and use the classic, traditional methods which retain their relevance in the modern dental labs of today. Maximizing the two approaches for our clients ensures the best possible results.

That's Brilliant!

Ever worry about cross contamination of fixed prosthetics and digital models?

We do and enforce extra sterilization measures to make everything cleaner for you.

Ever wonder about cement squirting down into the tissue space between the gingiva and the implant?

You should! We are implant specialists and have invented the patent pending 'reverse margin' design to help you control cement.

Ever wonder where the access hole is when you need to remove a cemented implant crown?

We mark the access hole for you with a discrete stain. This makes your life easier! We think like dentists!

Digital Dentistry in Brampton - Dental Repairs and Restorations in Brampton
 Metal-Free Dental Restorations
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Digital Dentistry in Brampton

Digital Dentistry in Brampton - Diamond Dental Lab Digital Advantage
Diamond Dental Studios specializes in metal free restorations using state of the art scanning and milling systems. We provide our clients with the highest quality products on the market and make them easy to order online ordering system. Send your orders to info@diamonddentalstudio.com.

Our dental lab technicians are experienced in all fields of digital dental technology and are ready to provide you with any service you may need.

Dental Lab in Brampton
Fast, accurate, metal-free dental restorations and repairs in Brampton. Getting your patients back to their best! We process digital impressions right from your dental office with minimal turn around time.

Diamond Digital Dentistry - Dental Repairs and Restorations in Brampton
Offer your clients more. Dentures are your strength - dental restorations and repairs are ours. Expand your offerings without expanding your overhead.


Dr MNilan Jovanovic - Diamond Dental Lab in Brampton
From individual components, to complete restorations, our Brampton dental team helps you decrease turn around time and keep your clients satisfied. Meet our team today!

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Stop Implant Failures


The reverse margin is a design feature that is implemented on custom abutments to help control cement by shooting it upwards instead of downwards into the gingiva, decreasing the likelihood of implant failures. DDS is currently the only licensed lab to provide this innovation.

For more info http://reversemargin.com/

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  Digital Dentistry in Brampton

  Digital Dentistry in Brampton

Production Timeline
Repairs/Relines Same Day
Blocks/Custom Trays
2 Days
Setup Dentures 3 Days
Process Dentures 3 Days
Acrylic Partials 3-4 Days
Cast Partials 5 Days
Crown and Bridge 7 Days
Night Guards 7 Days
Depending on the complexity of the case additional time may be required to process your order. For same day repairs, pick up at 11am drop off at 4pm.
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