Title: Taming the Dragons of Implant Dentistry

Presented by Emil L. A. Svoboda, PhD, DDS & Anit Sharma, DDS

Dental implants have proven to be a viable restorative solution for patients around the world. For dentists, the focus historically, has been on successful surgical results. Today, that focus is shifting to improving restorative results. Whether you prefer the screw-in technique or the cement-in technique, most dentists would agree that oral pathogens are the main mechanism by which mechanical complications, such as loose and broken screws, misfit implant joints and ill-fitting prosthetics, lead to biological consequences.

What is the underlying cause of these mechanical complications? Research points to what Dr. Svoboda has dubbed the “Dragons of Implant Dentistry”. The first Dragon he has identified is Prosthesis Dimensional Error (the culmination of all the impression, material and fabrication errors). The second Dragon to emerge from his research is Tissue Effects (the influence of hard and soft tissue on the implant/crown connection).

Join us and learn how to recognize, separate and tame these Dragons and make your implant restoration easier, faster, better! Experience for yourself, during our hands-on Models Workshop, how to simplify and improve the restorative phase of implant treatment. This Workshop is guaranteed to transform your approach to providing healthier, long term implant restorations for your patients.

Hands-on Models Workshop limited to 25 participants.
Recommended for Dentists and Technicians.


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Our one-of-a-kind hands-on models Workshop and Lecture will teach you how to reduce complications to make implant treatment easier, faster, better!

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